Venti is a  IOM design from Ceccarelli Yacht Design for this highly competitive radio controlled international class.

The yachts are built in series   by Vinaixa in  Spain.

This design come out from an extensive reasearch and design from CYD also with CFD for the appendages, and then a period of test of the prototype together with Guillermo Beltri and is an evolution from the SEDICI.

The performance of Venti is similar to that of Sedici, however is advantageous when battling with strong winds and choppy sea conditions.

At its first appearance, the Venti won  few important races .



- 4th and 20th World Championship Brazil 

-1st  2019 Spanish Championship

- 1st  2019 French National Championship

- 1st  2019 Torrevieja  International Meeting 

- 1st & 3rd  2019  Spanish Cup