Technical data

  • LOA ( Lh) 13.05 m
  • LWL11,50 m
  • BEAM 4.10 M
  • DRAFT LIFTING KEEL From 1.60 to 3.00 M.
  • BALLAST2450 kg
  • FUEL100 Lt.
  • FRESH WATER200 Lt.
  • CONSTRUCTION MATERIALCarbon fibre and epoxy sandwich
  • ENGINE INBOARD 30 hp saildrive
  • NAVAL ARCHITECTURECeccarelli Yacht Design
  • INTERIOR DESIGNCeccarelli Yacht Design
  • EXTERIOR DESIGNCeccarelli Yacht Design
  • ENGINEERINGCeccarelli Yacht Design

The Neo 430 ROMA is an IRC regulation-oriented cruiser/racer for both offshore and inshore racing, but can also perform well in ORCi and PHRF.

The overall size of 43 feet can also be used in the new Super 12 class in Australia.

It is an all round design in both light and stronger winds.

The shape of the hull comes from the experience of past Neo 400+ and 350 projects, perfected with CFD analysis and design, great attention has been paid to the volume distribution of the canoe body in order to have a boat that is always balanced and easy to sail.

The hull is wide with the maximum beam reaching up to the trasoom to maximise the righting moment from the weight of the crew.

CYD compared previous yachts and their design advantages to discover the latest hull and exteriors. This yacht will be an all-rounder that will sail well both up and down in all wind conditions.

Below the waterline, the hull is characterised by a narrow, low-wetted area shape and a round section with the intention of achieving low drag, especially at low speed.

Out of the water, at the bow, there is a lot of volume to create positive lift, which increases performance in downwind and transverse sailing.

The side of the design features a chine, already used in other CYD Neo designs.

This has a structural function and reduces windage.

From the maximum beam to the transom the yacht does not narrow.

This is an advantage for sailing upwind, as the crew can create a higher righting moment with their weight on the rail.

The deckhouse has the typical Ceccarelli design, like the 350 and 400+ models, with sleek lines and complete integration between deck and superstructure.

Internally, the Neo 430 ROMA has two options.

One more regatta-oriented and will be for hull 02 currently under construction for an Australian owner, and the other for a more Mediterranean cruising lifestyle which will be for hull 01 for a North Adriatic owner.

The yacht is built exclusively from female moulds for the hull and deck, laminated and infused with epoxy to maintain strength and rigidity. The construction also complies with all special ISO Category A and OSR regulations.

ROMA has 3 possible configurations for its appendages.

A double rudder system and a lifting keel that can reduce the draft to just 1.60 metres with the keel raised.

The lifting keel and hydraulic system were designed and built by Cariboni.

This configuration makes it possible to reduce the depth from -3.00 M to -1.60 M, which is very advantageous when mooring in shallow bays in the Adriatic, for example.

The draft of 3.00 M allows for a high righting moment, which, combined with the light dspl and high sail area, results in a very fast cruising boat that can reach 20 knots.

It can also have a high aspect ratio single spade rudder version with a fixed keel with torpedo bulb, built in high-strength steel. This option has a draft of -2.85 metres. The last appendage option is geared towards offshore racing as it is built with twin rudders, a fixed keel and torpedo bulb.

Once again CYD completed the naval architecture, engineering, interior and exterior design of this model, which was conceived together with Paolo Semeraro, head of Neo Yachts.

The name ROMA was chosen by Semeraro as a tribute to Italy and its heritage in quality design.