CYD 8017

  • LOA25,95 m
  • Hull lenght23,99 m
  • LWL21,95 m
  • BMAX6,49 m
  • DEPTH4,10 m
  • DISPLACEMENT37, 000 Kg
  • KEEL12050 Kg
  • POWER260 Hp
  • FUEL1500 l
  • FRESH WATER1500 l
  • BERTH10 pax
  • MAIN + GENOA 1360 m^2
  • BUILDERCantiere del Pardo

Cantiere del Pardo SpA, has opened a new brand called GRAND SOLEIL CUSTOM which is dedicated to custom sailing boats between 60 to 80 feet. A new production of this kind, as space and different technologies are required, brought Cantiere del Pardo to open a new shipyard in Fano city which is about an hour drive from Forlì.

The first hull signed GS 80-01 Custom, was designed in collaboration with the famous Italian naval architecture Giovanni Ceccarelli.
Hull number one and deck will be made completely in carbon fiber and will be dedicated to the racing world, yet will have the comfort of a cruiser.

The interiors are divided in two main areas to separate the crew zone from the guests and owner.
Crew cabins are located in the stern, with a separated entrance in case of need and a direct connection to the navigation table, engine room and kitchen.

2 guests and the owner cabin are located in the bow while a forth cabin can be transformed into guest or crew cabin when needing a chef or extra hostess for example.
The boat will be fully equipped for long sailing and provide many storage areas as well as a closet cabin.

The owner's plans are to follow the most important racing circuit and in between to enjoy sailing with his wife and kid in a comfortable, stylish and luxuries boat, which was designed especially for his needs.

The GS 80-01 will be launched in summer 2018.

“I am very honored for this prestigious assignment and very happy to work with important players such as Cantiere del Pardo’s new brand, the Grand Soleil Custom line. We have designed a performance cruiser, first of a custom series, with a strong personality in the hull and deck style, elegant, contemporary and sporty. A combination that aims to be a future point of reference for the “Made in Italy” in this dimension and typology.”

The owner's desire list included a very nautical boat yet easy to handle, comfortable both in the deck and in the interiors, with a moderate yet innovative style and in some aspects also cruiser friendly. The hull water lines were designed with the aim of obtaining a fast hull under medium-light Mediterranean wind conditions but also with a tendency to plan downwind in strong winds. The first participation in the most important racings will take place at the end of the Mediterranean season.

“I have followed the same research methodology and design for the Americas Cup hulls “Mascalzone Latino” and “+39 challenge”. To arrive to the final GS 80 hull shape I have infect designed and analyzed several hulls using CFD calculation. The result brought a very powerful hull in shape and water lines, with a flared and flat aft exits in order to minimize the wet surface and to have, in any speed and heeling conditions, a low wave resistance. “

The simulations results demonstrate that the hull is very balanced even in high heeling angles, which will allow easy sailing and a very nautical boat when cruising or sailing cross Atlantic. The high free boards provide more volume in the interiors and keep the boat dry and comfortable.

The construction of the boat is made of female molds for the hull and deck, the fibers are all in multi-axial carbon with closed-cell PVC core vacuum-infused with epoxy and post cured at 65°.

Structures have been optimized by making extensive use of FEM calculation and many furnishings have a structural function and to be lighter as possible. All Bulkheads , frames and structural interiors and externally produced structural parts are bonded with structural bonder and then laminate to the hull with vacuumed biaxial carbon fiber.
Infusion is used for all bulkheads and structural interiors, keel and hull transversal and longitudinal reinforcements are laminated (infused) directly to the hull.
The GS 80 custom, has a single, strong and elongation rudder, made of prepreg carbon fiber.
The T keel is made of high strength steel blade with a terminal bulb with low hydrodynamic resistance and in a very elongated shape with a bulb of lead 12 tons. The appendages united to the hull have also been validated using CFD calculations, both to optimize all profiles and to correct the balance in relation to the sail plane.

CYD designed the aesthetic plan of the deck and hull with a strong personality, characterized by its high volumes and free boards, with a reversed bow, defined connection between hull and deck, vertical sideboards in bow and flanked in stern. The low and slender deck introduce a new aesthetic element in the Cantiere Del Pardo’s tradition yet maintain a family feeling with other GS models currently in production. The deck has a large cockpit divided into two between living, guest and maneuvering areas. The center cockpit can accommodate up to 10 people while the stern cockpit is dedicated to maneuvering spaces and double steering wheels.
The deck plan reflects the needs of the owner for a dual cruise and racing use.
The interiors also designed from CYD are divided into functional areas, from the dinette it is possible to access a day head and a third double cabin that can be used for extra guests or as a skipper cabin.

The style of the interiors, always designed by Ceccarelli, reflects the designer's statement: "The needs of the owner were to have a boat where luxury and modernity have to go hand by hand with classic yachting elements and not a seaside apartment. In the design process lots of efforts were put in to elegance related to quality of furniture and finishes, with a clean and essential design."