Technical data

  • LOA1,00 m
  • DRAFT0.420 m fixed
  • DISPLACEMENT - LIGHTSHiPabout 4,0 kg in sailing trim
  • BALLAST2,25 kg Lead and carbon fin
  • NAVAL ARCHITECTURECeccarelli Yacht Design
  • EXTERIOR DESIGNCeccarelli Yacht Design
  • ENGINEERINGCeccarelli Yacht Design

I started  design the Radio control Model in early 1985 with Marblehead design with 11 design done up to today for this class, build up to today in more than 100 units principally from William Mazzotti in Cervia ( Ravenna ) – Italy many of them won important races  and Italian  national championships.

I have trust in the model yacht design that could be a good school  to experiments for new shapes and ideas.

In 2006 during my period as Principal designer for +39 challenge in  America’s Cup in Valencia , Spain I designed the first hull shape for the IOM MODEL YACHT CLASS , in this period I know Pepe Vinaixa  that he was our supplier   for parts for the Ameica’s Cup +39 challenge.

I like this class  very nuch , it’s very competitive in Italy and worldwide, and personally I am sailor and I have one of them for my personal use.

MK I the first one that I designed in 2006 today I designed about 20 differnt shapes.

For amateur builder, I could supply the drawings in PDF for construction of one boat,  for the complete package of drawings you could contact us bye email  the version for amateu building is  the mk 10. It’s a complete package of drawings for the construction of the model with hull in wood and deck in composites.

For these drawings I’ll use the same software technology and methodology to design a true boat.

The images attached  are designs  Mk1 and Mk4  and EC 100  the latest design with hull shape from Epaminonda Ceccarelli ,  Mk 10  was second at the Italian Championship 2012.

Design “SEDICI” now is in series production in licence in Spain from Pepe Vinaixa.

At his debut the  hull  N°01  the 12-13 march 2016 won the the Copa Asociacion 2016  Gran Trofeo 50 Aniversario RCNT skipper Guillermo Beltri.