The revamping of the Azuree 33 C with an updated deck interiors and sail plan.


Technical data

  • LOA (Lh)9,90 M
  • LWL9,56 M
  • BEAM3,66 M
  • DRAFT1,90 M
  • BALLAST1550 KG
  • POWER21 HP
  • FUEL96 L
  • SPINNAKER3,00 M²
  • NAVAL ARCHITECTURECeccarelli Yacht Design
  • EXTERIOR DESIGNCeccarelli Yacht Design
  • INTERIOR DESIGNCeccarelli Yacht Design
  • ENGINEERINGCeccarelli Yacht Design

Designer giovanni Ceccarelli Interview:

Can you tell us about the differences between Azuree 33 and Azuree 33C?

The Azuree 33 had rapidly achieved good market coverage and won praise and awards from all quarters; the fact that it was a “small yacht” but with very high quality finishes and sailing features has been appreciated in a market that, in financial downturns, sometimes resorts to “downsizing”.
Now Azuree 33 C is a restyling of our successful design Azuree 33, involving changes to several areas: deck layout, interiors, hull appendage keel, laminations and sail plan.
No changes have been made to the hull and concept of the yacht.
A comfortable seaworthy yacht, in family cruising style, which won the IRC 5 category of the Middle Sea Race – one of the most prestigious long offshore race in Mediterranean – last summer and came 4th overall out of 117 entries.
The deck design has the same concept and volume but now with a wider window and a more streamlined and greatly improved cockpit in terms of comfort.
It is the same boat with improvements in different areas and I think that it can become a classic, like certain leading sports cars, such as the Porsche Carrera.
When it was launched, Azuree 33 was the most innovative boat of its time and won that year’s prize in the sailing yacht category at the Genoa Boat Show. Even today, it continues to be a reference yacht for its size.
It is still the beamiest 33-footer currently in standard production in the world, with twin rudders, a hard chine with forward redan and a cockpit that you can find only in a conventional 40-footer. These are just some of the features of this innovative yacht that have been further improved in the Azuree 33 C.

* What is the idea behind the new storage unit-seat options in Azuree 33C?

We wanted to give the chance to the owner to adjust the interiors to suit the boat’s intended purpose: cruising, long cruising or club racing. After purchasing the boat, the owner can add or remove elements of the interior furnishings.This idea was developed by the Sirena Marine design office and is another great improvement which shows, once again, how innovative the design of the Azuree 33 was and how innovative it continues to be, thanks to a hull that will last for years and can provide the base for future yachts.

* How important is Azuree 33C in the Ceccarelli Yacht Design portfolio?

I am proud of this design and to be part of the Sirena Marine brand, as designer of two boats.
This yard is currently one of the most important in Europe and it has achieved this success in just a very short time on the market.
This design was my second for the Sirena Yard, after the Azuree 40, another innovative boat that was both safe and comfortable, which was also our design. There are many Azuree 40 yachts sailing round the world.
I designed Azuree 33 after two America’s Cups as principal designer, so its DNA is made up of great attention to the hull shape and balance of the boat, this being key to building a seaworthy boat for cruising.
This is one of my most innovative designs for standard production in this size, and it is a type of boat that many other important yards are now emulating for standard production, going in the same direction.
The challenge of building a beamy, not very light boat (the light displacement is around 5 tons) that can perform well during cruising and also in club racing was not easy but the end results show that the goal has been achieved and now, with Azuree 33 C, there has been a huge improvement.
I like it!
It’s a boat I’d recommend to my best friend.

Best regards,

Giovanni Ceccarelli