Custom Yacht Design

CYD  designs custom yachts, and this market niche still plays an important role, especially for custom yachts made of wood, steel, alluminium or composites. We  offers to the clients something unique that they have not found on the market. We work closely with the client, manually sketching  to transform their dream into reality. Building a custom cruising yacht can be the epitome of an owner’s dream. CYD  have extensive experience in wood design yachts both power and sail  starting from cruiser boats in the early 1960′s  up to today. CYD designed a number of  wooden boats in strip-planked cedar, like the My Song 50 or CYD 4710 for Cantiere Alto Adriatico, and in cold-moulded wood, like Seridama built in 2010 by Cantiere Navale De Cesari in Cervia.

Now we are designing and engineering wooden boats with a semi-planning hull principally for the power boat market, having performed intensive research with CFD technology to optimise hull efficiency. We also create one-off designs  in aluminium , steel  or in composite, which we have principally used for our prototypes that have won many races over the years. CYD’s experience is rooted in small custom yachts and, to date, despite the large portfolio of the Company, this market sector still plays an important role. It can be considered creatively stimulating, and often involves clients who are looking for a highly customised product, which they cannot find in the wide ranging mass-produced offer of the general market.

Production Yacht Design

CYD’s founder Epaminonda Ceccarelli designed and built the first Italian mass-produced FRP boat in the early 1960′s, the Classis 26 then we can mention EC 21, Sciuscià, EC 26, EC31, EC 37 and Seariff. CYD works closely with the production framework, and Giovanni Ceccarelli has over 30 years of experience in yacht design for production. Giovanni Ceccarelli started in early 1985 with the mass-production of the Mini Tonner Mini Wing, after series-producing the Half tonner Audace. CYD currently has a range of production yacht designs for Rimar Yacht, Sirena Marine , Neo Yachts, Carnevali Yachts, Grand Soleil , Eleva Yachts with whom we have established long-standing relations.

The portfolio includes the power boats designed for Carnevali Yachts. The sailing and racing area include a racer like Tom 28 Max Performance cruiser-racers:
  • Rimar Yachts like the Rimar 41.3 ,Rimar 44 and now in construction the new Rimar 45 RS
  • Azuree 33, Azuree 40 and in 2015 Azuree 33 C for Sirena Marine
  • NEO 400 the new brand for fast cruiser yachts with also NEO 350 and NEO 550
  • GS80 – Grand Soleil
  • THE FIFTY by Eleva Yachts
All CYD designs for mass-production are developed in detail through close cooperation between the shipyard and  their technical Department. At CYD we develop all project phases, ranging from cost analysis, research on materials, 3D hull and deck design ready for CNC, and expert engineering right up to the final construction process.

Interior Yacht Design

CYD designs the interiors of our yachts. CYD designers closely cooperate with our clients, to create the best possible interior layout. The solutions we propose are a clear statement of our Mediterranean culture Sunny interiors, light colours, and Renaissance-like use of materials. We have established close relations with high end Italian furniture materials suppliers, leading worldfamous firms. We always start from hand sketches and rendering, to then move on to detailed 3D drawings and computer renderings. Deep commitment plays a pivotal role in the development of ideas and design to ensure that the final result is an expression of our job and the client’s ideas.


Exterior yacht design

We design the exterior style for our yachts.

Our design have clean lines and are durable in the time.

We created the double eyes in the houses of Carnevali’ s yachts, and now we did the innovation of the shoreline of The Fifty for Eleva Yachts  or like the  sheerline of NEO and the Senses  style.

When we design for an established yard like Grand Soleil we gave to them innovation but with the respects of their style and traditions.


CFD consultant

Giovanni Ceccarelli started to use CFD in early 2000 for the Mascalzone Latino Team’s participation in America’s Cup , the results was validated also with tank tests.

I persevered in this field until 2007, when I repeated the experience for the +39 Challenge Team to optimise the shape of hulls and appendages.

During my work for America’s Cup when I carried out extensive research and design of hull shapes and appendages, I perfected my operating method to use CFD for pleasure crafts, and particularly to design naval architecture of hull shapes of low resistance.

Today CFD is an important tool that provides the designer with extensive information about the design in terms of final performance.

CYD uses CFD for all important research projects  both sail and power.

CFD ensures high precision for power boats to define the proper horsepower necessary for the vessel to meet the demanded speed requirements.


Now CYD uses CFD for all  the projects.

At CYD we could work also as a consultant for other yards or private commitments that have their own design, for consulting, optimization of original design or only validation of them, to find the curve of resistance. With CFD we could be very precise in power boat to define the proper horse power requested for the vessel for the design speed request. We could give out not only the results but also how to improve the design.

CYD_201_O4_18KN (1)

FEM calculations

For structural design at CYD we do reaserch and design using also FEM software calculations. We work to optimize and validate Composite, Alluminium and Stell structures.