Offshore and Marine Infrastructures Engineering

  • Project Management for offshore and inshore marine construction and instasllation
  • Fabbrication assistance and quality survey
  • Yard direction for offshore construction and instasllation.
  • Sea Fastening for offshore transport
  • Design and engineering for offshore and inshore constructions.

Concordia Wreck Removal

CYD team lead from Giovanni Ceccarelli consisting of employees that includes naval architect, civil and mechanical engineers and designer.

Up to 07-2014 CY was involved in the project of the removal of Costa Concordia for the consortium TITAN MICOPERI


Marina Harbour Design

Ceccarelli Yacht Design has designed harbour facilities for pleasure craft since the early 1970s.

Many projects and feasibility studies have been carried out in this field of design, besides participation in calls for tenders.

Our extensive expertise in boat design has made work easy and developed know-how in this sector to make the Marina a pleasurable and functional experience for yachtsmen.

Said design was launched by the recently deceased Eng. Epaminonda Ceccarelli.

His first harbour design for pleasure sailing was the project for Marina di Cervia, whose implementation was supervised by him.

Ceccarelli Yacht Design has implemented several projects after Marina di Cervia, also with the cooperation of Giovanni Ceccarelli, namely the seaside facility of the Circolo Velico Ravennate (Ravenna Sailing Club), of the Ravenna Yacht Club in Marina di Ravenna, and the project for the Ravenna Yacht Club docks.


Ceccarelli Yacht Design has shown remarkable interest in the city of Ravenna by partnering two research projects defined by Giovanni Ceccarelli for the Ravenna Chamber of Commerce, one for pleasure sailing in the Province of Ravenna, and the other for the Water Basin of the City of Ravenna.

Two highly topical themes that are the focus of debates in the city today.

Always for the Water Basin of the City of Ravenna, in 2008 Naviga in Darsena commissioned Giovanni and Epaminonda Ceccarelli to design and implement the project for the Teatro del Mare (Sea Theatre) to host the Moro di Venezia on land, the America’s Cup challenger in San Diego.

Ceccarelli Yacht Design also partnered other designers and leading firms in the competition for ideas to upgrade the south guardian quay of Marina di Ravenna, and Arch. Cino Zucchi as harbour consultants in an important urban project in the High Adriatic Sea.