The CYD office also designs the interiors of our boats and performs refitting operations. We closely cooperate with our clients, particularly with the Technical Department of the shipyard, to create the best possible interior layout. The solutions we propose are a clear statement of our Mediterranean culture.Sunny interiors, light colours, and Renaissance-like use of materials.

At CYD we specialise in this area under the keen supervision of Giovanni Ceccarelli.

Ceccarelli concept renders interiors

Ceccarelli concept renders interiors

We have established close relations with high end Italian furniture materials suppliers, leading worldfamous firms. We always start from hand sketches and rendering, to then move on to detailed 3D drawings and computer renderings.

Deep commitment plays a pivotal role in the development of ideas and design to ensure that the final result is an expression of our job and the client’s ideas.

Our intention is to transform his dream into reality.