Custom Yacht design


CYD also designs custom yachts, and this market niche still plays an important role, especially for custom yachts made of wood or composites. Our research offers clients something unique they have not found on the market. We work closely with the client, manually sketching their ideas to transform them into reality.

During the past year CYD designed a number of weight-efficient wooden boats in strip-planked cedar, like the My Song 50 or CYD 4710 for Cantiere Alto Adriatico, and in cold-moulded wood, like Seridama built in 2010 by Cantiere Navale De Cesari in Cervia.

We have extensive experience in wood design yachts starting from cruiser boats in the early 1960′s (i.e. Shaula or Silvica), and the mini tonner Anita built by Fioravanti’s shipyard in Cervia.

Now we are designing and engineering wooden boats with a semi-planning hull principally for the power boat market, having performed intensive research with CFD technology to optimise hull efficiency.

We also create one-off designs, like the Morgana, to be built in aluminium or in composite, which we have principally used for our prototypes that have won many races over the years.

For example, the CYD has designed a number of weight-efficient wooden boats over the years, both in strip-planked cedar and in cold-moulded mahogany, and possesses extensive experience that covers most of the construction options. An effective example of a boat built for a client who could not find what he wanted on the market at the time was John Dare’s Apriori, built by Neville Hutton in 1987. Conceived as a boat that could win races and provide an excellent cruising platform, it has lived up to those original expectations to date. Not only did Apriori win two RORC Yacht of the Year awards – and under different rating systems at that – but she also ‘retired’ to a more sedentary cruising life under the same, highly satisfied owner. John still owns Apriori today, and she looks as charming as ever.
CYD’s experience is rooted in small custom yachts and, to date, despite the large portfolio of the Company, this market sector still plays an important role. It can be considered creatively stimulating, and often involves clients who are looking for a highly customised product, which they cannot find in the wide ranging mass-produced offer of the general market.
Building a custom cruising yacht can be the epitome of an owner’s dream. He can now implement this in aesthetic and ergonomic terms, since custom-built construction methods can produce more weight-efficient boats than conventional glass reinforced plastic .