Marine survey and consultant


Eng. Giovanni Ceccarelli  principal  at CYD , has worked for marine survey and consulting services for over twenty years, building solid experience and specialising in pleasure craft.

Eng. Giovanni Ceccarelli is a registered surveyor with the following qualifications:

–       Ravenna Association of Engineers no. 848

–       Registration as Consulting Forensic Engineer at the Law Courts of Ravenna, Rimini and Bologna

–       Ordinary member of ASPRONADI (

–       Ordinary member of ISVAP ( registered with no. P000000030

–       Lloyd’s correspondent for pleasure craft

–       Associate member of the SNAME (

CYD provides the following surveying and consulting service:

– standard condition/pre-purchase surveys
– evaluations
– insurance assessments
– damage assessments
– consulting services
– supervision of new-builds, refits and repairs
– Recreational Craft Directive compliance surveys and consulting services
– Boat Safety Scheme examinations
– legal representation and forensic consulting services

Standard condition/pre-purchase surveys

We could assist the client with a pre-purchase survey to buy a new or second hand power or sailing boat. An insurance survey will be required for second hand boats; in Italy it is required for boats that are five to nine years old. We carry out said inspections with specialised equipment and by exploiting our experience. Finally the owner will be given a report identifying the craft, name, documents and year of build. Any defects will also be described, along with suggestions for improvement.

Surveys generally focus on the following main areas:

– hull outside and underwater
– machinery
– keel attachment
– skin fittings
– rudder and steering
– deck fittings
– stern gear
– mast, boom and rig
– topsides
– gas installation
– deck, coach roof and cockpit
– water tank
– fuel tank
– hull, internal structures as visible
– electrical installation
– bilge
– anchoring and mooring
– hatches and doors
– sails
– windows and port lights
– an evaluation of the commercial value is included in the survey report, if not otherwise requested.