CFD consultant

CFD Consulting – Computational Fluid Dynamics Consulting

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is an essential tool for yacht designers.
I became familiar with CFD whilst partnering leading scientists, such as Engineer Richard Korpus from Applied Fluid Technologies Inc., Alessandro Vicini, Particle Physicist, Gabriele Mazza, Naval Architect, and Engineer Massimo De Luca, a brilliant Sicilian from the aerospace engineering sector. They were all my partners at Ceccarelli Yacht Design for many years.

I used CFD in early 2000 for the Mascalzone Latino Team’s participation in America’s Cup. I persevered in this field until 2007, when I repeated the experience for the +39 Challenge Team. I was principal designer in both cases. Then I improved my use of CFD to optimise the shape of hulls and appendages. During my work for America’s Cup when I carried out extensive research and design of hull shapes and appendages, I perfected my operating method to use CFD for pleasure crafts, and particularly to design naval architecture.

Today CFD is an important tool that provides the designer with extensive information about the design and structure of the vessel in terms of final performance.

Now CYD uses CFD for all research projects, some of which are listed below:
the Racer Sailing Yacht mc42 – Sea Winner and CYD 4207 design for ORC – GP 42. From these experiences we extrapolated information for GP 26, which won the latest Sportboat European Championship in Russia.

new Snipe One Design will soon be released by our firm for production.

CYD also provides consulting services for other shipyards and private orders that have their own design by studying and optimising the original design or just by validating it with a resistance curve. CFD ensures high precision for power boats to define the proper horsepower necessary for the vessel to meet the demanded speed requirements. We provide the results along with suggestions about how to improve the design.









One design for a new Snipe One Design from our firm that will soon be in production.








At CYD we could work also as a consultant for other yards or private commitments that have their own design, for consulting, optimization of original design or only validation of them, to find the curve of resistance. With CFD we could be very precise in power boat to define the proper horse power requested for the vessel for the design speed request. We could give out not only the results but also how to improve the design.