Snipe – One Design

BOAT NAME :  Snipe One Design
TYPE :   sailing yacht one design  international Snipe class
BUILDER :    TBDYACHT : series build  in composites with multi axiall fabrics in infusion with vinylester resin  from female moulds.

CONSTRUCTION MAST:  alluminium mast from external supplier.

COMMENTS   Snipe class  is one of the most beautifull dinghy designed, with a class that has a diffusion worldwide, the designer  Giovanni Ceccarelli sailed  as skipper in Italy and  arrived to the idea to design is own  boat . The design was the synthesis from CFD point of view of an extensive stdy done togheter with Massimo De Luca, 3 hull different was tested with CFD  designed with differences according to the possibility that the class give to the hull shape design.

The deck shape is optimized working together with  champion of the class , easy to be build and with an optimization of the ergonomic on board when  hiking.









The final hull lines ‘ll be innovative in the limits of the  parameters of the  International rule.

The deck lay out come  from the personal experience of Giovanni Ceccarelli has sailor of Snipe,  but   with improvment also coming from well known  Italian and international sailors.

The boat was designed using the same technology of the big offshore  boats design,  the geometry  are ready to start to machine the plugs and moulds.

For laminations we did a research with FEM at CYD  to optimize the distributions of loads and to find the correct moment of inertia for the class .

The design licence   from CYD could be done in licence to be build    in series , we  want to have one builder in South America  like Argentina,  Brazil or Uruguay  and one in Europe  from the same designs  and moulds , we re at the moment in a good stage to start the construction in Italy .

We are open to discuss with the yards  to give the licence  outside Europe , we could supply also directs  the moulds  ready to start the production or only the drawings .