TP 52 Study

BOAT NAME :    TP 52 

Preliminary study for sailing racing   TP 52 class

DESIGN NUMBER :  preliminary study  CYD 5206
COMMENTS  this boat was  designed in 2006 at the beginning  of the class TP 52  it was a complete desiogn with CFD study  and FEM calculations .


Actually we have a new design  for 2012 season ready , searching  for a  team  an actual state of the art.

May be an intersting  and good option for a team that want something different with a design office that works in exlusivity for them  full time .

From the differences you could find the difference .


Loa = 15.835 mt.

Bmax = 4.457 mt.

Dspl = 7500 kg.

Sail area upwind = 155 sqm .

Draft = 3.195 mt.