Sedici   is a design from Ceccarelli Yacht Design , we did a long reasearch testing full scale and with CFD differen design for  this high competitive  radio control international class.

The  model  is actually produced for EU  in  Spain  in series from Paulav Composites f or  enquiry contact Ceccarelli Yacht  Design

Recently results :      Guillermo Beltri ESP  2nd  and  Pierluigi Puthod  4th at the World championship 2017  in  Pieralatte  France

                                      Winner Italian  Championship 2017  – Pierluigi Puthod – Ita 12

                                      Winner Spanish Champiomnship 2017

                                       Winner Trincastrin Cup 2017

                                       5th  at the European Championship 2016

SEDICI - Guillermo Beltri

SEDICI – Guillermo Beltri