NEO 350

CYD 3517  –  NEO 350 for Neo Yachts

     NEO 350


NEO 350

After the succesfull and innvovative  NEO 400  that  won in class the Rolex  Middle sea Race edition 2014, next drawing from Ceccarelli Yacht Design for NEO Yachts is finalized  and the production will start soon.
Although the yacht keeps the some same features of NEO 400 – the NEO 350 is a very fast boat on the water – a special care on NOT paying unuseful penalties under ORC and IRC has been taken.


The yacht has been optimized on the 2015 ORCì VPP to be the biggest yacht of group C in the Worlds and Europeans .
This brings a CDL=9,69  with a GPH around 585 (depending on sail configurations): so still a very fast boat on the water for the size.

The boat can sail with Symmetric spinnakers for ORCì W/L with a generous area of 105 sqmt or an asymmetric on fixed bowsprit of 120 sqmt ( IRC and offshore).

As an optional two 350 Lt. water ballast tanks can be added for single or double-handed.



_ epoxy / unidirectional E-Glass / pvc foam composite by infusion (to optimize handicaps under ORC/IRC)
_ carbonfiber composite bulkheads  and keel frames
_ steel/weldox blade with lead CNC machined Bulb
_ carbon rudder
_ carbon mast and boom
_ carbon bowsprit
_ carbon tiller



The LOFT version (like in the NEO 400) is the perfect balance between racing and cruising , with a large multipurpose front dinette with a lifting table (dining, racing, sleeping).
Two large back cabins will bring 3 pivoting beds nearly same size of the NEO 400 (the “service channel “ between the cabins has been eliminated.


Principal dimensions :