Tom 28 Max

BOAT NAME         TOM 28 MAX
TYPE        One design series build
DESIGN NUMBER CYD :         CYD 2807
LWL :    mt.    7,1
BMAX :    mt.    2,48
DRAFT :    mt.    1,85
DSPL :    Kg.    750
BALLAST :    Kg.    1450FRESH WATER TANKS :    Lt.    0
FUEL TANKS :    Lt.    0
ENGINE :     Hp.    0

MAIN  AREA     sqm.    22,5
JIB MAX AREA     sqm.    17,5
SPY AREA     sqm.    65
SAIL AREA UPWIND     Sqm.    39,5
SAIL AREA DOWNWIND     Sqm.    87,5

INTERIORS         no interiors

CONSTRUCTION YACHT         Multiaxial glass and coremat in polyester resin with polyuretane core
CONSTRUCTION MAST         Alluminium one spreader

LAUNCH         June 2007
COMMENTS         “Tom28 Max, the match-race specialized vessel and training boat.The Tom 28 Max is distributed by Corporate Sailing‚ based in Madrid (Spain)‚ and are built at KDK Shipyard in Malaga‚ Spain.
The Tom28  Max  is a 26ft boat (8.48 meters) with an open design and an outstanding poised concept: the latest fast lines, a diaphanous deck with agile manoeuvres, which has served to make it stand out as one of the most apt vessels in match-race competitions, to be used as a training and also as a corporate vessel for clinics  like the Trofeo Trombini or the Chicago Match Race . A spectacular boat that sells for an incredibly moderate and attractive price.The Tom 28 was principally developed for the Trofeo Roberto Trombini in Marina di Ravenna‚ Italy‚ as the match racer for the Trophy‚ and many boat exist in Italy‚ Europe and USA. In Spain‚ they are used for most of the Match Race Events‚ as for the BMW Sailing Cup  or Chicago Match Race .
The Tom 28 Max‚ the upgraded version of the Tom 28‚ is simple and light with a great sail plan. Main improvements made on the Tom 28 Max are a better finished keel (built at Irons Brothers); a deeper rudder‚ improving maneuverability; bigger winches and additional bulkhead and longitudinal reinforcements to improve durability.”

RACE RESULTS         Trofeo Trombini Match Race – Chicago Match Race

Contact  EU         For further information, contact: CORPORATE SAILING, S.L. C/ Ayala 7, Bajo 28001 Madrid
Contact  USA